5 other ways to find a room

Thank you for using the Student Rooms Breda reservation platform. You have been informed that we only have a limited amount of rooms available and at this moment, all available rooms have been booked. The following information provides more guidance on finding a room in Breda on your own and is divided in five different options

1. Marktplaats
A other popular website is Marktplaats.This is a website where everyone can advertise on. People also advertise rooms in Breda. This website is in Dutch, but with some help (or Google Translate), you can navigate to ‘Huizen en kamers’ and then select ‘Breda’ and ‘Kamers te huur’. You can also follow this direct link. If a phone number is included in the advertisement you can always try to call the advertisement’s owner. It is free to look and react on this rooms.

2. Other websites
It is very common in the Netherlands that student rooms are offered online, either directly by the landlord him/herself, a housing company or by a lessee who is trying to find someone for sublease. Many of the online offers are written in English; however it is always good to have a look at Dutch offers as well. One does not always realize that international students are also interested in the offer and therefore some advertisements are only written in Dutch. Many websites offer student rooms and it is very important that you check the quality of the room and services offered. If a phone number is included in the advertisement you can always try to call the advertisement’s owner. Most people, and especially students, in the Netherlands have moderate to good English skills. Check all the information which has been included in the room’s advertisement and ask about the deposit and Terms and Conditions. In case of a sublease offer always verify that this construction is legal and that approval of the landlord or housing company has been given. You can also contact a housing agent to help you in your room search. There can search the Dutch offers for you and will contact you as soon as they have found a room according to your preferences (one example of an agent is Rotsvast).

3. Current students
Many students of Breda will also go on exchange, just as you are. Most of these students will post there room online for sublease via the earlier mentioned websites. In addition to these websites, you might also want to have a look at Facebook as many rooms in Breda also get (sub)leased via word of mouth. Besides trying to hear some word of mouth offers, these pages can also be useful for finding out some practical tips for your housing search.

4. Kijkavonden
Kijkavonden are a Dutch phenomenon in the student housing market; it literally means “viewing evenings”. During a “viewing evening”, students are invited to come and have a look at the room and talk with the students already living in the student house. After the “viewing evening”, the students who live in the house choose one of the visitors as their new housemate. If you have found a room you like which has a “viewing evening”, we advise you to book a hotel for the first couple of nights in Breda. You can find a suitable hotel via booking.com.

General information

Here above we have given you some practical information with regards to finding a room by yourself. In addition to this, we would also like to give you some general information regarding student housing in the Netherlands and Breda.

1. Monthly rent
The Dutch student housing market is tight and in many cities demand is higher than the total offer of student rooms. A combination of the vast demand of rooms and popularity of many student cities has caused the prices of student rooms to start at € 200 and go up to € 750 or even more. The upper limit of this price range is very typical for cities such as Amsterdam. In Breda the prices for student rooms are not so high. The price range is € 200 to € 500 per month, with most of the rooms being offered for a price around € 350. Studios and apartments in Breda often have a price range from € 600 up to € 800 per month. The rental price is not negotiable and you always have to check whether it includes all costs like internet, water, gas, electricity and municipal taxes. Monthly rent is most often due before the start of the month (e.g. the rent of July must be paid by the end of June).

2. Deposit
It is very common in the Netherlands that you have to pay a deposit when signing a rental agreement. Once your contract ends, you will receive the deposit back when the final inspection of the room shows that the room has not been damaged during the rental period.

3. Term of notice
For a student room it is normal that you sign a contract for a specific amount of time, with the option to extend afterwards. Most Dutch rental agreements have a term of notice of one or two months. It is common to hand in a term of notice in written format. Please inform yourself about the exact Terms and Conditions before signing the contract.

4. Dutch student houses
Student houses in the Netherlands often comprise of family houses with the bedrooms made into student rooms instead of dormitories. Together with your housemates you are responsible for the cleanliness of the house. In general most of the houses are + 10 years old and hence they are not in a perfect condition. The most important fact of Dutch student rooms is that they are often rented unfurnished and some are even not fitted with curtains or carpets. If you enquire about a room it is always important to check this. It is not unusual that pictures are shown of a furnished room and that once you arrive the room is empty (the furniture is then just meant to give you a good impression of the room). If you rent an unfurnished room you can check out the following shops/websites for cheap furniture:

Translation table

See the table below for a short glossary which can help you translate Dutch housing advertisements:

Te huurfor rent
Gemengd/gemixtmixed genders
Te koopfor sale
Alleen voor vrouwenfemale only
Vierkante metersquares meter
Alleen voor mannen men only
Gemeubileerd furnished
Badkamer bathroom
Gestoffeerd fitted with curtains and carpets
Woonkamerliving room
Alles inbegrepen all-included rental price
Tuin garden
Exclusief (Excl.)rental price excluding costs like electricity, gas and water
Keuken kitchen
Gedeeld shares
Niet-rokers non-smoking

For further help with translation of the advertisements, please use the free of charge online Google translation tool.